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Way back when, in 2003, producer Will Hearn and Blue Water Highway's Greg Essington and Zack Kibodeaux were still in high school and wanted to write and perform a Christmas show, but something very different from anything else out there. Realizing the current market for Christmas entertainment was stale and overly commercialized, the three friends developed a concept for musical variety entertainment called progressive nostalgia, a show performed through the framework of a live-audience retro-radio-broadcast that combined nostalgic music and song with current cultural and artistic trends and modern production techniques. Something that preserved and honored the trailblazed pathways forged by the Artists and styles that inspired and came before us, moving forward while looking back and blending the comfort of the familiar with the excitement of the new. 

It all started as a one-night-only fundraiser for the Brazoria County Youth Home, and The Grand Ol' Christmas Show turned out to be a surprise hit and a standing-room-only sell-out performance, or as it was first titled, T'was The Night Before December 22nd. It was produced again in 2004 as It's a Wonderful Holiday, in 2005 as Miracle on Oyster Creek Drive, in 2009 as  A Christmas Show, and in 2015, it officially became The Grand Ol' Christmas Show, and for each of those years, it continued to sell out every single show.


In 2016, The Grand Ol' Production Company was officially formed, and Executive producer Will Hearn launched the first professional tour of performances with The Grand Ol' Christmas Show. Following that first successful tour, more "Grand Ol'" productions began seasonally touring across Texas, growing their audiences and gaining popularity by partnering with historical venues and theaters, prestigious performing arts centers, arts organizations, and non-profit organizations. During this season of growth and development, The Grand Ol' Production Company also began producing turn-key custom-created shows for municipalities and organizations to celebrate historical milestones, anniversaries, and festivals. Then, in the summer of 2019, a new production called The Grand Ol' Americana Show debuted to packed houses across our great state, affirming the belief that their progressive nostalgia extends beyond the Yuletide season.


Although 2020 forced a temporary hold on live performances and touring, The Grand Ol' Production Company took advantage of the time to stay artistically productive and engaged by producing two full-length albums from The Christmas and Americana Shows. That same year, The Texas Commission on The Arts awarded The Grand Ol' Production Company a coveted spot on the Texas Touring Roster, joining ranks with the best of the best that Texas has to offer in professional music and performing arts and opening the door to new touring and performance opportunities with non-profit presenters in Texas.

In 2021 and 2022, The Grand Ol' Production Company returned to touring the state of Texas and premiered its third major production -The Grand Ol' Halloween Show!

2023 was a milestone year for the company as it marked the 20th anniversary of The Grand Ol' Christmas Show's inception in 2003. To make it even more special, The Grand Ol' Christmas Show became a nationally touring Holiday production, with its first performances across the borders of Texas in Arkansas and Missouri.

The 2024/2025 season promises to be our best yet, with performances scheduled in new venues extending from coast to coast. We can't wait to meet new people, perform for new audiences, and bring uniquely original, high-caliber, and high-value performing arts and entertainment to the loyal fans and patrons that we love so much and who support our work and mission. 


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